Why CCTV Camera Maintenance Is Important? How to Maintain CCTV Cameras?

Maintenance of CCTV cameras is very important, otherwise, your security cameras will break down, compromising your security. As we know that the CCTV security camera in Pakistan is significant to ensure the security of your home or office. If you are currently having any issue regarding CCTV cameras maintenance then this article is for you. In this article, I am going to share some important tips that you should keep in mind about maintaining your cameras.
As far as the regular care of CCTV cameras is concern, there are some basic maintenance tasks and checks you can carry out without any expert help. I have mentioned the complete checklist in the article, splitting it into different subcategories to make all of the steps organized and clearer for you.
Follow this simple CCTV camera maintenance checklist to keep your cameras in optimize condition. I will save a lot of costs and also improve the security systems’ efficiency.

Why CCTV camera is maintenance important? 

Your business or house is always vulnerable to misconduct and other illegal activities, and security camera can offer you security against criminal activities. But it is important to upkeep your security system to improve its efficiency. You can buy CCTV cameras in Pakistan at a reasonable cost and many service providers also offer maintenance solutions.
Maintenance of existing cameras is better than buying the new ones, you should try to monitor your cameras’ functionality more often; because you will regret if they breakdown because of your negligence. Moreover, in case you are willing to claim from any insurance company and it shows that you are not ensuring the CCTV maintenance, and the insurers are less like to give you compensation for losses and damages.

It is possible that the current location of your camera is not right because of the change in the company’s infrastructure where the cameras are placed. So, you have to replace your CCTV cameras according to the new setup. There are many high-quality CCTV cameras suffer glitches just because they compromise on the system efficiency. Maintenance of your security cameras for home Pakistan can recognize technical issues and fix them on time.

How to maintain security CCTV cameras?

Checking your CCTV security cameras every few months will save you from a lot of troubles. You should keep the lenses of the camera clean to prevent any grime buildup that might hinder the device overall performance. Check for foliage growth, confirming that it is not blocking the lenses of the camera.
Look if there are any fraying cables showing wear and tear signs, and remember to frequently check the devices power supply and quality of the images. Keep checking your CCTV cameras personally and if it is possible to get your cameras checked from trained professionals once a year to perform a comprehensive CCTV camera review with an expert.
It is recommended to record all maintenance actions and to make policies of the company to document and enforce the time to time maintenance. In case your Security cameras for home Pakistan are not as efficient as they should be, then you should call a reliable technician who can provide professional maintenance services and advice, and effectively carry out the whole process of CCTV maintenance.

CCTV Maintenance

Obviously, to make sure the optimal performance of your CCTV cameras, you have to conduct maintenance on a timely basis. It is important for you to verify some important things as it refers to the system’s housing and camera, cables and wiring, and other control equipment.
Camera & Housing
For maintaining the camera and housing of CCTV cameras, you have to verify the following:
1. Camera auto iris and lens focus is properly adjusted.
2. Viewing window of the camera housing is clean.
3. Camera enclosure’s interior is dry and clean.
4. Camera field of view is fulfilling the security requirements of the customer.
5. There is no dust on the camera lens.
6. Check tilt, pan and zoom focus operation. Using the controller verify the efficiency of all operations.

Wiring & Cables

For maintaining the wiring and cabling of CCTV cameras in Pakistan, you have to verify the following:
1. Check cable and wiring harnesses for the fray and wear.
2. Check entry points of cable and connectors for loose cabling.
3. Verify all coaxial connectors are protected from pull boxes and conduit.
4. Check to verify wire is properly dressed.
5. Verify that the coaxial cable is conveying a suitable video signal to control room. There should be no distortion, hum-bars, tearing, EMI, and rolling in the signal.

Control Equipment

For maintaining the control equipment of CCTV cameras, you have to verify the following:
1. Make sure monitors are free from image distortion and burn-in.
2. Check VCR’s are properly working and delivering distortion-free video recording.
3. Clean your control panels, monitor screens, and keyboards with a cleaning solution.
4. Check every power connection to confirm AC plugs are not losing.
5. Monitors have appropriate brightness and contrast.
6. Make sure all control equipment is working. It means switchers allow right sequencing, multiplexers are decoding and encoding properly, and matrix switcher keyboards are working.
7. Check each coaxial connector for loose connections on the back panels.

Camera Lens

For maintaining the lens of CCTV cameras, you have to verify the following:

1. Make sure the camera lens is properly adjusted and focused 
2. Clean dust from camera lens with a compressed air can and clean the camera casing with a microfiber.
3. check the camera’s functions via the controller to ensure pan and zoom are correctly working. 
4. Verify the CCTV cameras are firmly attached to the wall
5. Check the camera is pointing to the right location and you can clearly view property perimeter 
6. Make sure that the motion detection sensors are correctly working, in case you have any.

How often should I maintain the CCTV security system?

The CCTV cameras maintenance is dependent on the location and how easier they are to be damaged or knocked, but it is suggested looking over security CCTV cameras every month to confirm that they are properly working and keeping your home or business secure.
It is also suggested that you have checked your home security cameras in Pakistan annually by an expert technician as they will make a deep assessment of the cameras and more likely to identify and repair any problems before they get worst, doing this will also increase the lifespan of your cameras.
It is important for you to take all the possible security measures to keep your cameras in optimal condition. I hope using the information in this article you can carry out regular maintenance checks to guarantee that your CCTV cameras are in the best condition. 


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