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5 Features for The Best Social Media Company in Pakistan

Amidst pandemic things are getting quite heated up, countries are shutting borders, startups are running out of business and established companies are now firing people left and right. To make things even worse, companies are now moving out of their offices and recommending people to work from home. It is high time for businesses to go online, however, other business companies have suffered a great deal, online companies like Amazon and ‘Ali express are working exceptionally well. A simple way to acknowledge their exceptional business is to see that just during the pandemic, the CEO of amazon will be becoming the first trillionaire making it exceptionally well in the business. Companies are now trying to concentrate their business online because they want to survive somehow. There is no way in the current situation a company can survive without going online. This time has proved how well the best social media company in Pakistan is doing and how much they have planned for the tough tim

CCTV Security Cameras in Pakistan | Maintenance Checklist

We all know how important are CCTV cameras to maintain the security at your home or businesses. Rather than buying new cameras over and over again, you should maintain your existing cameras to avoid any extra cost. CCTV camera maintenance is not a very hard task only if you know what you should go to keep your cameras in optimal condition. Home security cameras in Pakistan are essential for maintaining your home security. Security system maintenance will save you from any kind of major camera damages. In this article, I am going to share with you CCTV maintenance checklist that would help you to effectively maintain your CCTV camera. Checklist for Security Camera Maintenance   Your CCTV cameras are not some time you can compromise on. The checklist I am sharing with you will be really helpful for saving your camera from any potential damage. To get the maximum benefit out of your CCTV camera it is important to keep them in the optimal condition that is only possible if you per

Questions You Must Ask Yourself Before Buying CCTV Cameras

Selecting the right CCTV security system is an important decision for any business or homeowner to fulfills their security needs. But as software advances and security systems evolve, CCTV cameras are bringing more business benefits beyond security. Therefore, it is imperative to choose the right CCTV camera for your home or business to avail the profound advantages. Following are some important questions you must ask yourself to buy CCTV cameras in Pakistan that meet your security needs. 1. Should I install a discreet or visual CCTV camera? The location where you are installing the CCTV camera will determine whether visible or discreet cameras are required. Most of the businesses prefer to use box cameras because they are visible and act as a deterrent to the invaders, there are also fewer chances of theft when bad guys know that they are being monitored. If you want to use hidden cameras then dome cameras will be more suitable for you, the small half spherical-shape and the

Why CCTV Camera Maintenance Is Important? How to Maintain CCTV Cameras?

Maintenance of CCTV cameras is very important, otherwise, your security cameras will break down, compromising your security. As we know that the CCTV security camera in Pakistan is significant to ensure the security of your home or office. If you are currently having any issue regarding CCTV cameras maintenance then this article is for you. In this article, I am going to share some important tips that you should keep in mind about maintaining your cameras. As far as the regular care of CCTV cameras is concern, there are some basic maintenance tasks and checks you can carry out without any expert help. I have mentioned the complete checklist in the article, splitting it into different subcategories to make all of the steps organized and clearer for you. Follow this simple CCTV camera maintenance checklist to keep your cameras in optimize condition. I will save a lot of costs and also improve the security systems’ efficiency. Why CCTV camera is maintenance important?  Your b

Why thermal Based Security Cameras in Lahore Are in High Demand?

Surveillance and security cameras are now in high demand. People like to install these cameras not only in their houses but also in their workplaces to keep track of everyone recently in Pakistan government has installed surveillance cameras on highways and crossroads to track the flow of traffic. Additionally, these installed cameras also help in minimizing the risk of criminal activities and this has worked so far for the government. Moreover, for better security, there are security cameras with advanced feature that comes with not only night vision but also thermal heat detection. This means no matter what the person is hiding of where he is hiding, the camera will be able to judge the location base don body heat. These cameras are very sophisticated and they are usually used in airports and workplaces to check the luggage and bags of the people. Since the security conditions in Pakistan have escalated due to internal and external threats people are now more aware of the securit