Best CCTV Camera in Pakistan

Best CCTV Camera in Pakistan
Imagine living in a world where you don’t feel secure. If you are searching for the method of Best CCTV Camera in Pakistan, chances are you have already thought about the security and you are also familiar with basic types of cameras i.e. analog and IP camera. IP cameras or internal protocol cameras get connected with the internet which means it can send and receive data through the internet. This will also allow you to receive push notifications, live camera and check camera regardless of your location. For the IP cameras data transmission there is an home security cameras Pakistan address that is assigned via router or NVR. You just need to know the right IP cameras address and you will be able to access your camera via the internet. 

Basic Equipment
If you have already bought the IP cameras you need to start by making sure you have all the equipment ready, to make it easier, following is a list of equipment that will be required. 
  • Computer or TV
  • Networking cable is also known as CAT5e or CAT6
  • NVR
  • IP camera with POE configured 

Configuration process

IP camera installation is quite easy as compared to the analogue camera which is the reason it is advised that by installing an IP camera you will be saving installation fee. With IP camera Installation in Pakistan there is just one wire or in some cases two wires which makes it quite easier to install. For configuration, you just need to get the right IP address of the camera and through this, you will get the access. For configuring the IP cameras checked for LAN or WAN as the process can be different for both. Once the process is done, the camera would be on the network and this can be accessed easily. You can also Check the Security CCTV Camera price in Lahore.

Step by the step installation guide

The easiest installation will be of POE also known as Power over Ethernet camera where you will have just one cable which will work both ways and you don’t have to figure out anything on your own. This cable will send data and receives the data on its own and it will also be able to send TILT zoon controls along with audio if you are using cameras via these features. To make it easier, here is a simple guide of CCTV Security Camera in Pakistan with steps that can be easily followed by anyone. 

  Unpack the box first and make sure you have everything that has been listed above, start by plugging the adaptor at the back of NVR unit. Don’t rush by connecting it to your wall outlet or surge proctor wait till the end.
  Now connect the NVR to monitor and you can use VGA or HDMI connection for that.
  Check monitor, if it supports the 1280X1024 video resolution and then set it on default on NVR.
  Plug the mouse in NVR and plug the other side in adaptor and switch it on, in some model, there is no button so it automatically connects. 
  Now use CAT5e cable and plug it into the router and plug the other end in the NVR LAN port that you will notice at the back, you will see the light blinking. 
  In case of an issue, check the wire plugin again. Now decide the location of PoE security cameras and run a network cable from the NVR to the camera location, if you are multiple cameras you need to do it with every camera.
Plug into camera network jack and then plug otherwise into the PoE port that you can see ta the back of NVR.
You will now notice that the camera has booted up and it is now connected to NVR and this is the indication camera has been set up successfully. 

Diagnose and Resolving an issue 

Sometimes even after successful installation by professional, you might see some distortion or video might not show. In this condition, you can simply start by inspecting your home security cameras Pakistan on your own. Here is an easy diagnosis and issue-resolving process: 
Check power cable to NVR first and make sure the surge protocol is switched on
Check VGA or HDMI video cable and check if it is connected to NVR or monitor
Check the LAN Ethernet cable, you will notice the light blinking
Check every port to ensure that everything is plugged in at the right place, make sure to check properly as PoE ports are sometimes grouped tighter. 

Final verdict 
With any security system, installation price is usually considered as a part of service charges. This means that you will be paying a lot collectively, to reduce the IP camera price in Lahore you can simply install the camera on your own and not only save your self from the hassle but also reduce the overall security system price by 10% easily. Since IP camera is more advanced, it can be a little expensive however if you install it on your own, you will be adjusting the high IP camera price in Lahore through installation charges easily.


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